Stick to Singing, Bieber

09.13.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

Here’s Justin Bieber “acting” in his guest appearance for the new season of “CSI.” It’s hard to capture in words how terrible he is at acting, but I find that all-caps is helps: HOLY CRAP HE’S TERRIBLE. I’ve seen better performances in high school plays. And then the police were all, “Sir, you’re violating your restraining order.” And I was like, “C’mon, that thing without the pants was, like, ten months ago. I’m just here to support my girlfriend.” My point is, there are other high school-aged kids better suited for acting than this pubescent lesbian.

Also, I like the way lazy TV writing allows cops to spring into action before they get details:

Cop: You’ve got to help me get him in to custody as soon as possible before someone else gets hurt. Where is he?

Bieber: He’s got a house in old Henderson.

Cop: Where?

Bieber: In Landon.

Cop: Landon. Good man. *leaves*

Bieber: “Don’t you want the address?” Cop: “No, our conversation was just exposition.”


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