Courtney Stodden’s Reality Show? ‘Couples Therapy’ On VH1

08.03.12 6 years ago 13 Comments

Earlier this week Courtney Stodden excitedly tweeted the news to all her “Stoddenistas” that she was heading out to film the reality show she has been shamelessly throwing herself at for well over a year. TMZ has uncovered which reality show Stodden will be appearing on — JOURNALISM — and I hope you are sitting down because this is pretty shocking stuff.

TMZ has learned … Stodden — who married Hutchison when she was 16 — has signed on to the upcoming season of VH1’s “Couples Therapy.”

Sources connected to production tell us .. the couple has acknowledged there are “obvious problems in their relationship because of their age difference and the notoriety they’ve gotten because of their relationship.” [TMZ]

[begins fanning self]

Oh my stars. I simply cannot bear it. It’s just too much. You mean to tell me that a sweet girl like Courtney Stodden and that handsome gentleman caller from Lost are havin’ marriage problems? And that they want to solve them by appearin’ on one of those fancy reality shows? And that Courtney would announce that they’re goin’ on a show dedicated to “intense counselin” for troubled lovers in tweet just full of exclamation points and delight? Well I’ll be. Wait till I tell Aunt Sally Mae. She’ll just fall apart.

[lift back of hand to forehead]

Y’all, I do declare, it appears that the shock of this unexpected news is gettin’ me all flustered. I think I might need to lay down for a spell. Maybe over there under that peach tree…

[begins fanning self faster and daintily walking towards the peach tree]

Oh my… oh my… AAAAaaahhhhh…

[faints dramatically]

[is caught by handsome strapping gentleman who has just come to town]

Oh dear, well aren’t you just the sweetest thing, you tall drink of water you…

[blushes, giggles]

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