Stop Everything And Watch This Horrifyingly F*cked Up Spanish Mother’s Day Commercial

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05.06.14 12 Comments


OK, full disclosure: I don’t speak Spanish, but I’ve worked to the best of my ability to understand what’s happening here. The following is a Mother’s Day commercial for “Desigual,” which is a casual clothing brand based in Barcelona, noted for its patchwork designs, intense prints, and innovative graffiti art.

Performing a Google Translate on the YouTube description yielded the following:

After the surprising # tengounplan, suggestive and rebel hazloporlamañana # # yomeatrevo comes the more funny story? Desigual: # tudecides. A new advertising code? Humorous fiction? for Mother’s Day.

Sounds reasonable enough, right? Until you watch the commercial itself, in which a boppy pop jingle plays in the background while this lady all out DESTROYS SOME POOR DUDE’S LIFE.

F*ck. I guess I just don’t understand Europeans.

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