Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Larry King Rap With Snoop Dogg About Peanut Butter

Okay, a few things:

– Larry King recently appeared as a guest on Snoop Dogg/Lion’s web show “Tha Double Gangsta Hood News Network,” and the clip, all 11 minutes of it, is goddamn magic. I insist that you watch it.

– Within the first few minutes, Larry King announces “I’m getting bombed here” as he coughs on the second-hand smoke from the joint Snoop is puffing on three feet to his left, and then they switch places, with Larry pretending to be Snoop, and vice versa. Larry King’s Snoop Dogg impression should be put in a museum. Any museum will do.

– The highlight is probably Larry rapping with Snoop. Around the 5:30 mark, they perform a song they wrote together titled “Dinner for Two,” in which Larry King (a) raps about peanut butter, reading, the Dodgers, his kids, and going out to dinner, and (b) says the line “I’m with the Lion, and he loves to sing. How bout a little ring-a-ding-ding?”

– Larry King, on peanut butter: “Don’t matter. They all taste the same.”

– After the rap video, they cut back to the studio, where Larry King says “Here’s a quick weather report from Thunderclap,” which turns out to be 30 seconds of a buxom woman in a bikini dancing in front of a fake 5-day weather forecast.

Someone get these two a TV show as soon as possible.

(via The Wrap)