Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Little Girl Sing A Metal Song On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Four things:

1) Singing/talent competition shows doing the “Whoa, how did that voice come out of that body?” switcheroo is nothing new. We saw it with Clay Aiken and Susan Boyle, and more recently with Travis Pratt belting out a little opera moments before proposing to his girlfriend. The formula is simple and effective, but it seems like these shows are going back to it more and more frequently to try to recreate that magic, and you can only pull the same trick on the audience so many times before you shout “TADA!” and they respond by yawning.

2) This clip from last night’s America’s Got Talent auditions features a 6-year-old girl named Aaralyn who walks on stage in a polka dot dress and pink stockings and proceeds to absolutely WAIL on a death metal song titled “Zombie Skin” that she wrote herself.

3) Ignore everything I said in my first point, because this is awesome.

4) I am terrified of her now.

(via Hypervocal)