Stop What You’re Doing And Watch ‘Archer’s’ Pam Poovey Teach Conflict Resolution With Her Lil’ Pam Puppet

If there’s a fictional spy organization that deserves its own series of orientation videos I think we can all agree it’s Archer’s ISIS. And if there’s one Human Resources Director who deserves to star in said videos I know we can all agree it’s Pam Poovey (with an assist from Doctor Krieger, of course).

So it’s with great pleasure we present the latest installment of our exclusive first look at original Archer web content (previously: the life-changing ArcherTop Gun remake), courtesy of our friends at FX and Floyd County, as well as our best buds Amber Nash and Lucky Yates. Second installment will be featured on The AV Club this Thursday.

Please sit back, pretend you’re a fresh-faced ISIS recruit, and allow Pam and Krieger (and that saucy Lil’ Pam) to get you oriented to conflict resolution, ISIS-style (which is kind of like Dharma-style, except with less unnecessary mystery and more mean-spirited hand puppets). Warning: Lil’ Pam tells it like it is, feelings be damned. Mark your calendars: Archer, all new January only on FX..

Mmm… Pam’s bacon tears. They’ll surely resolve any conflict and should probably be bottled.

Someone get Lil’ Pam and Franklin Delano Bluth in the same room, like yesterday.