Here’s The Cast Of ‘Storage Wars’ Having A Ridiculous Brawl Over A Missed Bid

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Two of the guys from A&E’s popular Storage Wars show got into a brawl on set. TMZ acquired this video of the trash-talking madness that went down. The fight isn’t as amazing as the alleged Palin family smackdown, but there are similarities. Auctioneer Dan Dotson fudged a bid, and Dave Hester told Dan the bad news. A fight broke out, and Dan’s wife (Laura) got pushed to the ground. In the end, Dave went to the hospital — not for any real damage but for a tetanus shot. Very dramatic stuff, but the show’s gotta live up to its name somehow.

A&E cameras rolled throughout the fight, but producers decided to halt the show until further notice. As an update, Auction Guy Dan took to Twitter with an apology.

(via TMZ)