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This man has been dead for years

TBS has picked up Ice Cube’s Are We There Yet? and will make it into a television series.  In case you don’t remember, Are We There Yet? is NOT Ice Cube’s landmark 1992 rap album.  That would be The Predator.  No, Are We There Yet? is this steaming pile of liquid feces.  And while Cube won’t star in the show, we can still hold him responsible as a producer.

Instead [of Ice Cube], Terry Crews, who earned raves as the father in “Everybody Hates Chris,” will reunite with [writer Ali] LeRoi to star in the new show as Nick, a single man who starts dating a young divorcee with two kids.  In the 2005 movie, Nick takes the kids on a road trip to see their mother – and winds up clashing with them the entire way…

“Are We There Yet?” wound up at TBS after intense bidding, with cablers such as USA Network and BET also in the running.  [Variety]

An intense bidding war for low-grade slapstick.  Sigh.  I suppose Ice Cube deserves to do with his career whatever he pleases, but damn.  I kind of hoped for more from the founding member of N.W.A. whose definition of a good day included not having to use his assault rifle.

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