‘Stranger Things 2’ Taps Into ‘Friday The 13th’ To Promote Their Final Trailer

Stranger Things 2 continues to channel 80’s horror in a powerful way as we quickly approach the season premiere on October 27th. As if bringing the show back just before Halloween wasn’t super appropriate enough, Netflix is also taking advantage of a fortuitous Friday the 13th to give us one final trailer for their spooky hit. To prep people for it, they’ve put together the above teaser, and of course it pays homage to the classic slasher movies that are synonymous with the date.

That’s right. They made a trailer to tease the trailer. You can never say the Netflix team hasn’t gone to impressive lengths to promote the return of one of their biggest original hits.

Stranger Things has been throwing out tributes to a pretty comprehensive list of scream classics, releasing posters that mimic A Nightmare on Elm Street, Firestarter and Evil Dead amongst others. This latest video is just another reminder that Stranger Things 2 is going ‘full horror,’ as show co-creator Ross Duffer put it. We doubt the references will be limited to the promotion phase of the show. The Duffer Brothers stuffed enough Spielberg era science fiction references into season one that we’re still noticing new things to this day.