New ‘Stranger Things’ Posters Continue Their Homage To Classic Horror Films

There’s a lot of reasons to be thankful for fall’s arrival, but the fact that the second season of Stranger Things is only a few short weeks away is chief among them. It’s been over a year since viewers got totally sucked into the mystery of what happened to Will Byers in the Upside Down, but the wait is almost over. The second season will be released on Netflix on October 27th, making it perfect Halloween viewing.

In order to generate hype for the new season (as if people needed more than the moody trailer from Comic Con to get totally psyched), Netflix has been releasing a number of posters that pay homage to classic horror films. Well-executed nostalgia has always been Stranger Things‘ wheelhouse, and the latest poster gives Sheriff Hopper the Halloween treatment.

This trip through the pumpkin patch is just the latest. Previous posters have drawn inspiration from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, The Goonies, Jaws, The Evil Dead, Firestarter, and Alien.

While it’s still a little unclear how long the show will run, but it’s safe to say that everyone involved knows exactly what they’re creating. As long as a loveable band of scrappy kids (and a few noble adults) continue to battle the forces of evil with an awesome ’80s soundtrack, consider us onboard.