The Kids From ‘Stranger Things’ Answer Some Lingering Questions In This Season One Outtake On ‘Fallon’

WARNING: Going to be obvious spoilers for Stranger Things ahead, so don’t pay attention if you’re still catching up on the show. If you’re caught up, then watch away.

Justice for Barb seems to be an issue that is hanging over the end of season one of Stranger Things. People are happy to know that season two is on the way, but they still want to know if Barb will get the return she deserves. Jimmy Fallon and the kids from Stranger Things went ahead and made some wishes come true on that front, giving Barb the moment she likely deserved at the end of the show.

The kids reprise their roles for this special outtake, with Barb returning from the other side to lay into the kids for leaving her behind. And she’s pretty damn pissed in between puking up one of those things like the doll in Puppet Master. Pretty nasty stuff, but at least she rubs it on Fallon’s version of Steve. Screw that guy.

Pretty funny for The Tonight Show, getting these kids to just have a good time on national television. You just have to wish it was the real Barb dropping those lines and gloating about her new Netflix show. She could definitely do it and carry it with power. Barb is life.

(Via The Tonight Show)