‘Stranger Things’ Is Getting A Crazy Lego Set That Goes Upside Down


Lego has been in the movie and TV tie-in business for decades, brick-ifying such franchises as Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter, even Minecraft. But for Stranger Things — your favorite show whose creators are no longer accused of plagiarism — they’re thinking outside-the-box. According to io9, their set for the Netflix giant will embrace the show’s “Upside Down” world by literally going upside down.

How do we mean? As per press photos, the incredibly detailed set features not only the normal Byers household but, just below it, hanging upside down, its sinister mirror realm version. Propping it all up are the two mirrored trees, and you can flip it so that either side is facing upward.

The set features 2,287 pieces, and it’s basically a doll house you have to painstakingly build yourself. You get the house’s front façade, but in the back are multiple rooms, including Will’s bedroom. The set is so detailed that it’s lousy with Easter Eggs, from movie posters to the bear trap used to ensnare Demogorgon, even to Will’s sketch of Season 2’s Mind Flayer.

You can see pictures of Lego’s latest creation at the io9 set, and if you stare at them long enough, perhaps you can justify the price tag for this comically ambitious thing: Yep, the whole thing will run you about $200. But what a nice companion piece it will make with the just-released Stranger Things D&D game.

The Stranger Things Lego set is due in stores on June 1, about a month before its Season 3 premiere on July 4.

(Via io9)

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