‘Stranger Things’ Won Best Show At The MTV Awards, But Most Importantly We Found Out What Barb’s Up To

05.07.17 12 months ago 2 Comments

The MTV Movie and TV Awards are finally a wrap, and the winner of the first ever ‘Best Show’ award went to fan favorite Stranger Things. It was a good night for lovers of the Netflix horror series. Not only did they see Millie Bobby Brown win her first acting award (which tugged at everyone’s heartstrings), but they got a look at what Barb’s been up to in the upside down. TL;DR — she’s been developing a loving relationship with the demogorgon. Yep… It seems like Barb and ol’ Demo (or Mr. Gorgon) were about to settle down for the evening when Adam Devine shows up.

Alright, now that we’re done with that weird and somewhat incoherent sketch full of low-hanging drug humor and quad-pee pee jokes, let’s bask in the joyous Best Show acceptance speech Stranger Things cast:

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