‘Stranger Things’ Wants You To Embrace The Delicious Torture Of Not Knowing What Will Happen In Season 2

11.09.16 1 year ago


Spoilers are turning into the bane of the entertainment industry. AMC and The Walking Dead had to resort to some pretty creative and somewhat nasty measures to keep season seven plot points from being revealed, and if you want to know what happens when a network doesn’t go down that route, just do an internet search for Game of Thrones season seven spoilers. Actually, don’t. Because if you do, you’ll probably ruin a lot of the enjoyment you’d otherwise get from being surprised by all the exciting post-book developments.

Fortunately, the people behind the hit Netflix original Stranger Things understand the importance of their audience arriving pure for the next season of the show. While we haven’t heard of any Hawkins vans coming to take leakers away, producer Shawn Levy was pretty passionate about keeping things locked down in an interview with Screen Rant.

“I’m going to be very judicious when it comes to talking about Stranger Things, because I live in the land of spoiler paranoia these days. We’ve been sitting on some additional actors, which got announced this morning [November 7th], two of whom are very well known, one of whom is not. All I’m going to tell you about season 2 … Look, as much as people are dying to know what happened, I think the reason Stranger Things has become the phenomenon it has is because no one knew what was coming. No one knew, frankly … Much like The Force Awakens, I think there’s this delicious torture in not knowing.”

We can’t agree more. It’s great to hear a producer signal his dedication to not ruining the plot of his show, especially with Stranger Things being big enough that there’s going to be endless interviews with cast and crew leading up to the second season’s release. They’re not going overboard with secrecy, either. As Levy mentioned, there have been casting announcements, and then there’s that script reading photo that revealed the return of a certain someone.

With a promise to keep the plot a total mystery, the casting reveals don’t seem to be ruining the show for us. Maybe Stranger Things will actually be able to hit that perfect balance between hype and spoilers? We can only hope, because we certainly can’t be relied upon to stop ourselves from reading everything and ruining things for ourselves.

(Via Screen Rant)

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