‘Stranger Things’ Fans Have Uncovered A Secret Season 2 Clip

Earlier this week, Netflix (which just announced a price increase on the streaming service’s most popular plan) dropped a retro Stranger Things video game to promote season two. It’s a fun, free-to-play adventure game that, as our own Ryan Harkness put it, “has overtones of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, River City Ransom, Paperboy, and Final Fantasy.” Most fans probably played for a few minutes, said “This is fun,” and never thought about it again (guilty), but if you do make your way to the end of the game, there’s a surprise.

Which I’m going to spoil now.

Beating the game unlocks a clip from season two, where the boys, Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, are dressed up like Ghostbusters and trick-or-treating on Halloween. We’ve seen images of the gang, minus Eleven, in their costumes, but never an actual clip, which also reveals they’re terrified of Michael Myers. Or, at least a girl in character as Michael Myers. (Halloween III: Season of the Witch had come out two years before the 1984-set season two; it would be another four years before Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.)

You can watch the hidden clip above. Either that, or you can wait until October 27, when Stranger Things season two premieres on Netflix.