The Final ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Trailer Reveals An Evil That Never Left Hawkins

We know plenty about Season 3 of Stranger Things thanks to Netflix giving us a series of teases and preview clips. We know the fashion will be outstanding, and an extremely 1980s mall will play a big role in the season. We also know Billy is a lifeguard, and is getting plenty attention because of it.

But the final trailer for Season 3, which dropped late Thursday night, was far more sinister than the clips that showed up earlier. There are no surprise parties for comedic effect, and the tension is real. Because despite their best efforts in a previous season, whatever’s coming for Hawkins, Indiana, never left at all.

Despite the colorful Fun Fair, wild fashions and nostalgia surges that the settings bring, the fear is real in this three minute look at what’s to come when Season 3 hits Netflix on July 4.

“You let us in,” a voice says while a dark red storm cloud surrounds Eleven. “And now you are going to have to let us stay.”

This conversation, apparently between the monster and Eleven, continues throughout the trailer. Our nosebleed-prone heroine is confused: she closed the portal, and saved the town. But Will Byers, formerly a resident of the upside down, has another suggestion.

“What if he never left?” he asked. “What if we locked him out here with us?”

The trailer suggests that this evil would need another host, and it’s heavily implied that it would be Billy, which is probably bad news for anyone potentially drowning during the summer of 1985.

The poster for Stranger Things’ third season revealed a monster best described as “colorful” but we learned from this trailer that it’s also, well, really bloody. It also apparently can handle a walkie talkie. There are a lot of little things the season’s final trailer shows, including a lot of worrying about safety and more of the inevitable coming storm.

Millie Bobbie Brown claims to know how the series ends and says she’s already “scared” about it. After seeing this, perhaps we all should be.