‘Stranger Things’ Gets An Awesome ‘Sesame Street’ Parody Complete With Muppet Barb

As the lovely shrines we keep in all our homes can attest, we all really want Stranger Things to come back at its earliest convenience. As we all wait politely and do our necessary Hawkins research, maybe this savvy (and heartfelt) Sesame Street parody can help ease the gap. It’s educational, dammit!

Served up as a loving 6-minute long homage to Netflix’s supernatural hit, Sharing Things tweaks the saga to give the whole affair a nice kids-friendly and educational vibe and look (LOOK!) Muppet Barb is kicking around in the Sesame dimension. Familiar faces like Grover, Ernie and, uh, Winona Ryder all populate this inspired spin on Netflix’s ’80s-kissed series.

Naturally, Sharing Things aims for the cute side of things (it’d be a bit much if Punisher violence exploded out of nowhere), but there are all sort of small touches for obsessives to gaze at and admire. Will it be more your cup of tea than Sesame takes on The Walking Dead and Orange is the New Black? That’s between you and educational television preferences. Also, you think you’re ready for the arrival of Eleven, but there’s a strong chance you’re not. (It’s a very good bit of Stranger Things parody.)

(Via io9)