The Third Season Of ‘Succession’ May Start Filming Before The End Of The Year

While talk shows and even SNL have adjusted to the pandemic, almost all narrative programs have had to go completely on hiatus, pausing until people can again be closer than six feet apart. (There are, of course, exceptions.) And while the news is, well, not good, some people are more optimistic than others. For instance, the minds behind Succession, HBO’s hit about a particularly evil rich family, are mostly confident that they’ll be filming the much-anticipated third season by year’s end. Maybe.

This comes from Variety, who reveal that showrunner and creator Jesse Armstrong has said that Team Succession is “trying to think about starting shooting in New York before Christmas.” Mind you, none of this is concrete, because there is no way of telling when this thing will end. Indeed, Armstrong says these plans are, right now, “just conversations,” and he admits that everything right now is “tough.” Boy, he said it.

Still, a pre-holidays shoot is, according to Armstrong, “the plan at the moment,” so if everything works out, you may not have to wait forever to see how Brian Cox’s Logan Roy reacts to what his son, Jeremy Strong’s Kendall, did to him in the Season 2 finale. In the meantime, Armstrong says the writer’s room (or whatever the Zoom version of that is called) has had plenty of time to hone the script, though he admits he’s made “no more progress than if I’d had six weeks instead of the six months that we’ve had.” Anyway, fingers crossed!

(Via Variety)

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