The Creator Of ‘Succession’ Does Not Want You To Waste Time Looking For Easter Eggs

As Succession Season 3 gets ready to make its long-awaited premiere next month, creator Jesse Armstrong wants to save fans the trouble of parsing through the show’s opening credits for clues about where the story is heading next. While speaking at a Television Critics Association panel, Armstrong addressed the online theory that the title credits highlight which character is the main focus of the current season. Essentially, that’s not how Succession does things, but Armstrong did his best to let Easter egg hunters down easy. Via The Wrap:

“We look carefully at the titles, we’re not in the habit of trying to really ferret away little clues, but it’s nice when things join up in the show,” Armstrong said Wednesday during the show’s Television Critics Association press tour panel. “We all have quite a detailed knowledge of this business in this world, and sometimes fragments fit together for people. But we’re not a super Easter Egg’y operation. That’s a cool thing some people do. It’s not especially what we do.”

On a related note, Armstrong also told the same TCA panel that the writers don’t necessarily sit down with the intention of making each season about a specific character. Case in point, there’s speculation that Season 3 will focus on either Cousin Greg or Connor Roy, which Armstrong was quick to dispel.

“In terms of is it a ‘Greg’ season or a ‘Connor’ season, it is mouthwatering to write for all of these brilliant colleagues,” Armstrong said (via Variety). “Maybe sometimes you look at the wall towards the end and you go, ‘Wow, this season’s really come together for Connor or for Greg,’ but going in, we try not to have those thoughts of, ‘OK last season was the season for Character X, so now we need to do a season for Character Y.'”

Of course, the most pressing question is whether Succession viewers will finally get to see a Tomlette made in real time. Giving the fans what they want is never a bad move. Just throwing that out there.

Succession Season 3 premieres October 17 on HBO.

(Via The Wrap, Variety)