The Sunniest Moments From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’: ‘Gun Fever Too, Still Hot’

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia sequel to Season One’s “Gun Fever” moves on from the primal feelings a firearm unleashes in the individual and instead actually kinda-sorta takes on the gun debate. The entire episode is almost South Park-esque in fashion, exposing the flaws of all arguments and reminding everyone to not be as dumb and as easily emotionally manipulated as The Gang.

To hammer this home in the Sunniest of fashions we have Mac & Charlie: America’s Denim Heroes, incompetently wielding samurai swords and empty revolvers, and social crusaders Dennis and Dee finding themselves completely unsuited for gun purchasing, even if it is just to prove a point. There’s really no more effective or hilarious way to magnify the worst of all parties than to let The Gang embody them.

In other news, nice to see Dee has rebounded back to her normal, fire-threatening self. Also, Dave Foley and Uncle Jack sightings are always welcome. Pretty much perfect usage of each. Let’s take a look at the Sunniest Moments.

Everyone is getting hot. hot. Hot. HOT.

And Mac & Charlie know exactly how to turn said hotness into full-on action.

If you’re going to have a Gun vs. Swordn debate, you should probably have it in a middle school, with the weapons on you. Let’s just hope no one has a hair trigger. “I guess I do have a hair trigger.”

Uncle Jack gives us a lesson in constitutional law.

But seriously, will Uncle Jack’s hands look this small on screen? Also, really like the Jack-is-Pedobear usage throughout the entire episode. Just the right subtle amount. “What is and what is not art?”

Dennis and Dee SHOCKINGLY do not pass their background checks. This ratchets up Dee’s hotness.

“Being wanted and being ‘wanted for questioning’ are two very different things.” — Dennis Reynolds

Charlie cites Indiana Jones to win the Gun vs. Sword debate. There is no counter argument.

I need a GIF of Mac slicing the watermelon head like yesterday. Did you know Rob has been a black belt since he was a teengager?

How can Dave Foley not see this?

If you re-watch the “I’m taking this guy out” part of the scene right after this Rob keeps his arm over his face the entire time as he weilds the sword. I’m almost certain this was the only way he could keep from breaking while Charlie yells “SETTLE!” over and over again, waving the gun like a maniac.

Meanwhile, Dennis and Dee attempt to buy an assault rifle at a gun show. Never tell Deee final “all sales are final.”

How many times do Mac and Charlie have to go over this? No beer.

“Oh by the way, Carlos. I’ve had six.” Carlos, that beer-counting rat. Hands down the best scene of the episode. Those kids had a lot of score settling going on.

Dennis Reynolds: King of the Streets

In Conclusion: The Gang goes hot in different directions and cross past each other like ships in the night, Frank is a little bit like Al Gore and a little bit like the NRA, and never arm kids in a bar. Also, something about try and go about your day without being an easily-manipulated dickhead.

“This is America. You’re either a duper or a dupee.” —  Frank Reynolds