Beef & Beer & Jesus: The Sunniest Moments From Last Night's Spiritual 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'

Last night Sunny took a stroll down another self-referential path with “Charlie’s Mom Has Cancer,” calling back to the Season 1 classic, Charlie Has Cancer. Kurp speculates this must be the final season because of all the nods to the show’s past. I tend to believe we’ll just end up referring to Season 8 as “The Callback Season” like we refer to Season 7 as the “The Fat Mac Season.” There simply wasn’t enough transvestite action for me to believe this it. A few notes before getting to the Sunniest Moments:

  • Raise your hand if your forgot Charlie and Mac’s mom still live together (before the promo, that is). Or how about the Juarezes living in the mansion? I love the dichotomy between the continuity for peripheral characters and the gang hitting the reset button on their own personal relationships after every episode.
  • Wasn’t sold on the Diddy guest spot (because Diddy) but from the moment they intro’d him with “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” I was reminded that the only times I’ve enjoyed Sean Combs since No Way Out is when he’s acting. “Dr. Jinx: The man with a band named after himself.”
  • So Silver Linings Playbook is really going hard after that Philly demo, huh?
  • I’m always kind of thrown off by episodes where Charlie is the reasonable one. It’s like eating breakfast for dinner.
  • It’s official: Skinny Mac breaks out Fat Mac’s Tommy Bahama shirts for formal occasions.

The Sunniest Moments…

Dennis Is Not Good At Emotions

Sometimes the cancer thing just doesn’t grab you. It happens.

Dr. Jinx Is Just A Little Bit Unorthodox

Diddy’s first scene gave us the aforementioned NKOTB intro, Mac, Dennis, and Charlie realizing they think of anything but black when they think “doctor” (“Hell yeah that’s racist”), Cosby Show viewing in Mac’s house, and Sailor’s Rot (“I’m not a sailor, Dr. Jinx!”). All in all I have to deem it a success. Oh, you want feelings…

Mac’s Lesson In How The Church Works

“This is a scam. All the kneeling, then the standing. Getting people all confused.”

Thanks to Lobster Mobster & the SA forums for the GIFs. Get it together, Tumblr.

There’s Really Only One Reason To Conjure The Dead

Also, Frank has a porkchop bone in his left pocket.

Frank Used To Take His Talents To South Beach

How To Sell Cancer At Beer & Beef & Jesus

“Me, a money, needing a lot now.”- Charlie’s semi-illiteracy: never not funny.

From here we find out Charlie’s mom really didn’t really have cancer and that she learned everything from watching Charlie, which had to be a wink to Rob McElhenney’s drug PSA, right? Also, if you back Dr. Jinx up against a wall he’ll have to spray you with a heavy dose of pesticides.

Your Grave-Robbing Fortunes Can Change In A Moment’s Notice

From most promising grave robbery ever:

To too many emotions:

In the blink of an eye. (I didn’t have it in me to screengrab a corpse.) And in an episode dedicated to various methods of scamming Frank Reynolds has the last laugh and all is right in the world. Unless you just dug up your dead mom.

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