Pepe Silvia Meets Carrie Mathison In This Insane ‘It’s Always Sunny/Homeland’ Mashup

In all the bloody commotion over the season finales of Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead, and Sons of Anarchy this week, we haven’t had much time to talk about Showtime’s Homeland, which aired an episode on Sunday that was so batsh*t crazy (though incredibly entertaining), it’s shocking it wasn’t written by Kurt Sutter. I won’t bother regurgitating the plot, but needless to say, the only thing that made perfect sense was Dana continuing to clutch her hoodie sleeves REALLY TIGHT. The New Yorker‘s fantastic TV critic Emily Nussbaum, who presumably rewatches every episode for reasons other than wanting to see Morena Baccarin topless again, came up with a great theory that would bring together many of the show’s loosest plot threads.

Nicholas Brody is faking it. He plotted with Abu Nazir to have Carrie kidnapped, so that Brody could “save” her, thus ensuring her loyalty and manipulating her into concealing their crimes (which she did, after all: she didn’t tell her bosses about the scheme to kill the Vice-President.) All that face-acting Damian Lewis was doing, with the yelling and the screaming into Skype—a notable departure from the subtlety of Lewis’s earlier performance? He knew Carrie was listening. It was an act. (Via)

It’s Pepe Silvia insane…but so is Carrie Mathison, which is why I’m so happy this mashup of Charlie Kelly’s finest scene (seriously, the fact that he didn’t win an Emmy for his performance in “Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack” is a travesty) with clips from Homeland exists. My Homeland theory: Abu Nazir is Barney. CHIK CHIK-CHIKA.

(Via Vulture)