Super-Exciting News Roundup

05.03.11 7 years ago 17 Comments

There aren’t a lot of excellent TV news stories today, so here’s a trailer for this Friday’s season finale of “Fringe,” as well as some other headlines around Hollywood.

Nicole Scherzinger to Host American ‘X Factor’. Scherzinger has all the qualities required of a host on a high-profile reality show: tits and the absence of a harelip. [TV Squad]

‘Bones’ Renewed for Season 7. Fox made the announcement 12 hours after David Boring-Ass broke the news on Twitter. [HitFix]

Chris Bosh Is Suing VH1. Finally, someone is taking legal action about a show called “Basketball Wives” in which NO ONE IS ACTUALLY MARRIED. Man, that really burns my bacon. [THR ESQ]

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