‘Doctor Who’s’ Super Hot Karen Gillan Not So Super Hot As A ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie

I don’t know if any of you caught the first episode of the Doctor Who spring season. It was a good episode, although it was better for who it officially introduced as the new companion — the unbelievably adorable Jenna Louise Coleman — than it was as an actual stand-alone episode. Meanwhile, over on BBC America — where Doctor Who air in the United States — Chris Hardwick is capitalizing on the surging popularity of Who with Nerdist television show, which comes after it. This Saturday, Hardwick combines his two nerdy television passions, The Walking Dead and Doctor Who, with this video of Karen Gillan, premiering as the new spokesmodel from Z’Ombeal: Walking Dead Skin Care.

It’s funny, but man, it’s seems such a waste to bury Karen Gillan in the zombie make-up. It’s better than Courtney Stodden posing nude with corpses, but Gillan nevertheless looks horrible.

Ech. I’m not cruel enough to leave you with that image of Karen Gillan. Here, let me make it up to you.

If you don’t watch Doctor Who and you need an excuse, maybe this will help. Here’s the new companion.