Supercut: Dogs Welcoming Home Veterans

11.14.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

Veterans Day was Friday, and while I took the day off in solemn remembrance, Danger Guerrero posted this heartwarming video of a dog greeting her owner upon his return from deployment to Afghanistan. The video above is like that, but longer and with more dogs greeting their military owners and set to Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend.” Why yes, I am writing while sniffling and fighting back tears.

In case this isn’t TV-newsy enough for you, here’s a related story: Spike TV is heading up an initiative encouraging businesses to hire veterans.

“Hire A Veteran” will showcase companies — “from Main St. to Wall St.” — who provide jobs for veterans returning home from service, and includes a website with information for job-seeking veterans, with lists of companies looking to hire vets, help with job training and for vets looking to start their own businesses.

Spike TV will air a series of “Honor Roll” spots featuring real veterans talking about companies who have hired them, while stars like Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, George Lucas and Bradley Cooper are filming a series of “Hire A Veteran” promotional clips for the network. [Reuters]

I’ve tried to write like eight different conclusions celebrating this as a worthy cause, but my brain just keeps coming back to “Scarlett Johansson” and “job.” Because if there’s something more important than helping our veterans find work, it’s me having a sexual encounter with Scarlett Johansson.

[Video from WelcomeHomeBlog via BuzzFeed]

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