Supercut: The Worst of Very Special Episodes

Oh, this is a real treat. Pleated Jeans has put together a supercut of Very Special Episodes from the ’80s and ’90s. I have no idea why Very Special Episodes ever came to prominence, but they’re certainly hilarious in retrospect. Obviously, the most famous scene is Jessie’s meltdown after she gets hooked on caffeine pills in “Saved by the Bell,” but there are some other gems here, including:

  • Future two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks as the drunk uncle on “Family Ties.”
  • Donna getting thrown down the stairs by her abusive boyfriend on “90210” (2:30 mark, FYI).
  • The episode of “Punky Brewster” where Cherie hides in the refrigerator and almost dies from asphyxiation. Man, I’d forgotten all about that episode! I definitely made sure to never hide in refrigerators after that episode.

Anyway, be sure to watch the whole thing, and be sad all over again when Steve Urkel doesn’t fall to his death.