‘Supergirl’ Is Bringing More DC Comics Characters To The Small Screen

It’s been a while since CBS dipped its toes into superhero territory. With their upcoming Supergirl series, the Eye has received both their share of praise and criticism for the pilot which leaked online half a year ago. New footage from the series has hit over the past few months highlighting the DC mythos and action to be expected on the program.

At the network’s recent TCA panel, Variety is reporting that Greg Berlanti and company have included a bunch of DC characters in the show’s freshman season to further add — hopefully — to its burgeoning nerd cred:

While DC Entertainment chief creative officer Geoff Johns, who is an exec producer on “Supergirl,” declined to comment on the characters’ appearances in any DC films, fellow co-creator/exec producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed at the panel that familiar DC characters like Red Tornado, Non and Lucy Lane’s father, General Sam Lane, will be introduced during the first nine episodes of the series.

When the subject of Superman was brought up at the panel, Johns spoke on the influence of the character on the show by saying, “He will be a factor in her life, but you won’t see him onscreen. He does play a part in her evolution in becoming Supergirl.”

(Via Variety)