This ‘Supergirl’ Featurette Rolls Out Some New Footage

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09.09.15 4 Comments

The featurette parts of this are fairly typical stuff; you don’t really expect a lot of candor from network marketing materials, after all. But the new footage sprinkled in is pretty interesting, especially when it expands on the stuff we’ve already seen.

For example, it looks like Supergirl isn’t just going to lift things and effortlessly defeat villains: A fight sequence we see has her grappling with a supervillain and taking a few hits before he chucks her through a wall. I confess, I was worried we’d just see Supergirl flying around and swatting villains, but if the show’s willing to let Supergirl get in an actual fight and take a few hits, that’s going to raise the stakes and keep things interesting.

That said, the fact that we have yet another hologram from Krypton is kind of annoying. Kryptonians really aren’t shy about believing their kids are extra special and telling everyone about it, huh? Just once I’d like to see a Kryptonian who’s done nothing with his or her life watch a hologram of their dead parents insist they know they’re going to achieve great things and fulfill their potential.

The show increasingly looks like it’s making smart decisions and will be fun to watch; the only question is whether it’ll be more fun to watch than Gotham. We’ll find out Oct. 26.

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