‘Supergirl’ Flies Solo On Tonight’s Geeky TV

For the last few Mondays, superhero fans have been torn about what to watch. The excess of Gotham or the cheerful brightness of Supergirl? But thanks to the return of 24, Gotham won’t be back until April. So Supergirl gets some liveblog love tonight.

Last week, Kara learned not to be so judgy, both of her fellow heroes and her arch-nemesis, while Mon-El opened up about his feelings and got shot down and J’onn opened his mind and discovered the White Martians weren’t dead. So, yeah, that probably fills him with a few conflicted feelings, which luckily he’ll get to work out on their skulls since he and the cast get trapped inside the DEO with the shapeshifting space Nazis. Seriously, the white Martians were pretty bad in the comics but they’re even worse here.

It appears, since all Martians are shapeshifters, that we’ll be getting a little bit of The Thing action going on, and possibly even the classic evil twin. This is why all alien shapeshifters should be forced to wear a goatee when they assume other forms. Really, it’s not just a good idea, it’s polite. We’ll see just how this take on a Carpenter classic unfolds tonight at 8pm EST on the CW. Join us, won’t you?