‘Supergirl’ Is Finally Renewed, But With A Major Change

The first season of Supergirl was a huge hit with DC fans, and seemingly a smart choice for CBS, a network looking for an audience beyond fans of shows about crime-solving acronyms. But a second season was far from assured, considering how much the show cost. Now it looks like Supergirl is coming back, just with a major change.

Namely, she’ll be joining Barry, Ollie, and the merry crew of the good ship Waverider over on the CW, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. The odd thing is that Supergirl is, by far, the most widely viewed of all the DC shows on the air; factoring in DVR viewing, it even beats out the surprisingly robust Gotham. Even if it loses a third of its audience, which seems unlikely, Kara will still draw an audience on par with The Flash, currently the CW’s best rated show.

This will likely mean larger changes for Supergirl; the CW can’t support the budget the show carries, and National City might relocate to Vancouver to trim costs. It may also see a few cast members step down to recurring roles, in particular Callista Flockhart. But it’s not all bad, as the CW allows next-day streaming on Hulu and allows shows to sell wholesale to Netflix, so if you miss an episode, you can get caught up. The only loser in this deal, in the end, appears to be CBS, which, among its pilots, has Bull, which is based on the life of Dr. Phil. One suspects that they might regret letting Kara fly to greener pastures.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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