There’s A Chance ‘Supergirl’ Will Meet ‘The Flash’ In A Network Crossover

DC Comics owes its television success to Greg Berlanti — the man who brought Arrow and The Flash to life on The CW, and launched Supergirl over at CBS. He’s got other comic book adaptations in the can, as well as shows that have nothing to do with superpowers and tights, but perhaps his greatest achievement will be the meeting of Kara Zor-el (Melissa Benoist) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in May.

At least that’s the latest crossover rumor, according to Bleeding Cool. A “reliable source” told the website “to expect Supergirl to meet the Flash and the STAR Labs crew from her fellow show by May’s sweeps week, if CBS orders the last episodes of Supergirl.” The original series order was for 13 episodes, and with eight left to go, the network hasn’t decided whether or not it wants to complete the order with nine more for an even 22.

Bleeding Cool followed up with the suggestion that a crossover would be required for the additional nine-episode order.

It may all be part of an arc that takes on the storyline from the Supergirl comics about New Krypton – that comic saw 100,000 Kryptonians come to Earth after Brainiac freed them from the Bottle City of Kandor, with a new planet being built for them… But how much of that could be done on a TV budget means we may get a very different way of telling that story.

This all depends on whether or not CBS, who owns a significant stake in The CW, is confident enough in Supergirl to purchase nine more episodes. The show’s premiere received the highest ratings of all fall debuts, but recent episodes have since faltered.

(Via Bleeding Cool)