‘Supergirl’ Just Won’t Stop With The Obscure Nerd References

Part of the fun of any DC TV series these days is seeing what characters they dig out to put on the show. Supergirl already has found a one-issue wonder in the Lumberjack, but it’s not going to stop there.

Supergirl is casting for the recurring role of Lucy Lane. As you may have guessed, she’s Lois’ sister, and among other questionable decisions has dated Jimmy Olsen. She’s also variously been a soldier, an air traffic controller and Superwoman, that last career choice being the most arresting. She got them by wearing a suit that altered her genetic code, and although DC has set that particular idea aside in the comics, it might make a reappearance in the show.

That said, hopefully they dial it back a bit on the relatives, because it does draw a little too much attention to the characters they’re not allowed to use. DC is so shy about crossing over universes, Kara won’t even call her cousin by his name. No, really, go back through the trailers and the TV spots, and listen closely: She never even refers to him as Clark or Kal, let alone Superman. It’s like he’s Voldemort or something. If Lucy keeps referring to “my sister,” it’s going to get weird, fast.

(Via SpoilerTV)

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