This Pint-Sized Surfer Makes Karl Stefanovic Lose It By Calling Her Father ‘Fat’

It’s been a minute since we heard from the great Karl Stefanovic, so checking in with our favorite Australian morning show host, earlier this week the Today show interviewed an 11-year-old surfing prodigy named Sabre Norris who was to compete as a wild card in the World Surf League Sydney International Women’s Pro Qualifying Series on Thursday. Interviewing little Sabre prior to the event, Stefanovic asked what her what her dad thought of her competing, and whether or not he was an athlete himself.

What transpired can only be summed up by “kids say the darnedest things,” because Sabre let drop some serious truth bombs, which I’ve taken the time to transcribe below:

Yeah my dad was an athlete but now he’s um, pretty fat? He um, he used to eat like two liters of ice cream every single night, like the [unclear ice cream brand] salted caramel ones, and then he used to get really angry at my mom, because mom didn’t always buy it for him. But then mom, when dad got really angry, mom stopped buying it for him all the time, and then he had to suck his gut in for photos, and it was really funny.

Whether or not this all is really funny to Sabre’s dad is up for debate, but Stefanovic — who literally pumped his fist into the air at one point — clearly thought so. Sabre later did reveal that her dad has lost 20 kilograms since Christmas and ostensibly doesn’t have to “suck his gut in” for photos anymore, so all’s well that end’s well.

(Via Daily Mail)