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Richard Code, a fan of the show “Survivorman,” died of hypothermia this weekend in the Canadian wilderness while supposedly putting the survival tactics of star Les Stroud (pictured, with friends) to use.

The 41-year-old left behind a note, asking his landlady to call police if he failed to return by Sunday night. On Monday, she reported him missing and on Wednesday afternoon, Code’s body was found in a marshy, snowed-in area just north of Huntsville.

It remains unclear if Code has ever received formal wilderness training but relatives say much of his knowledge came from watching Survivorman. The Discovery Channel program featured survival expert Les Stroud living in the wilderness without food, shelter or equipment and Code would often attempt similar trips, venturing into the Muskoka backwoods without food or tents. [Toronto Star]

I don’t want to make light of Code’s death, but I just don’t even understand how that little survival walkabout was supposed to be enjoyable. I’m someone who loves camping and being in the wilderness, but something that always, always, ALWAYS sucks is being cold and wet without the ability to get warm and dry. But at least he died doing what he loved: being miserable.

Also, did Code ever watch “Man vs. Wild”? It would be a shame if a survivalist perished without ever enjoying the cleansing feeling of a guano enema.

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