SyFy Is Teaming Up With Nick Cannon For A Fantasy Improv Series

As you can see in the banner image, Nick Cannon’s artistic transformation into Richard Pryor was at 70 percent at last week’s Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards, as his mustache still needs to be significantly bushier for it to be legit. But the acting role of a lifetime isn’t stopping Nick Cannon the businessman and producer from keeping the fresh and unique ideas rolling all the way to the bank. Next up for the man who brought us the “groundbreaking” series Wild ‘N Out is a series on the SyFy channel that will pit comedians against each other in creating fantasy and science fiction scenarios.

The point of this new show, according to Deadline, will be to have a “home team” of “national comedians” face off against various improv groups in whatever “fantasy” scenarios are dreamed up in each episode. Basically, it’s the same exact format as Wild ‘N Out, except instead of comics and “YouTube stars” like Timothy DeLaGhetto and Shawty Shawty, there will be comics and YouTube stars with glasses and comic book t-shirts who talk about how much of nerds they are because they loved Star Wars growing up.

And right in the center of it will be Cannon talking about how cool it is to be a nerd, probably while slinging a product.