Syfy’s Answer To ‘The Walking Dead’ Just Debuted Its First Full Trailer

The people who brought us Sharknado are now tackling the zombie apocalypse with a new show called Z Nation, and it’s everything you think it would be. The new series is the network’s answer to AMC’s The Walking Dead and while the show doesn’t have Daryl Dixon, it does have that guy from Lost. Syfy just released the first full trailer for their new zombie fare, which debuts this Fall and follows a group of survivors three years after a zombie virus has plagued the nation. Their goal: To get the lone survivor of the plague from New York to California where a viral lab is waiting to harvest the antibodies in his blood.

Sounds pretty good right? Don’t worry, all of the classic Syfy tropes you’ve come to love are still there. Sh*tty CGI effects? Check. Corny acting? Check check. But hey, it’s zombies and we still have two months to go before we get to see Rick Grimes and the gang so we’ll take it. Also, did we mention zombie babies?

Via Entertainment Weekly