Sylvester Stallone On His Rivalry With Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘I Wanted To Strangle Him’

Sylvester Stallone was on The Tonight Show last night to promote The Expendables III, and he was as charming and clever as ever, dropping anecdotes about his Star Wars audition and the reasons he and Arnold Schwarzenegger hated each other for so long.

After a quick story about his fruitless audition for the part of Han Solo in front of George Lucas, Sly dug into his complicated relationship with Arnold: “Hate is a good word,” he joked before reiterating the story about Arnold cleverly tricking him into doing Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. The legendary action stars have come a long way since their 1980s one-upmanship was at a fever pitch — their public relationship is now steeped in respect and has a real “We’re not so different after all” vibe. The two are so intertwined that they actually have the exact same voice in foreign dubs of the Expendables films.

(Via The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon)