Pizza Aficionado Sylvester Stallone Is Developing A New Pizza Comedy For TV Called ‘Pizza Guy’


There are a few things you just don’t discuss if you’re hoping for reasonable, polite conversation: politics, religion, and pizza. Everyone has a different opinion on pizza. Is Chicago-style deep dish really pizza? Why do people consider it the best? Are New York slices the superior pie? Why can’t you get a decent slice on the west coast? All of these opinions have merit, and all are neither correct nor incorrect. Pizza is good. All kinds of pizza. But only some pizza is sold by Mulberry Street Pizza in Beverly Hills, where it’s likely the most expensive and decadent pizza in la la land.

And so, a TV show is born.

Sylvester Stallone is developing a comedy around the life of Mulberry Street Pizza owner Richie Palmer, who moved shop from New York to Beverly Hills decades ago to claim a piece of the Los Angeles pizza-empire pie. The series will focus on the cavalcade of characters that have popped into the shop over the years, and show the juxtaposition that comes from serving one of America’s favorite foods Hollywood’s elite. It seems like a saucy time.

And as we know, Stallone loves his pizza.

There’s a plethora of footage out there showing Sly visiting Mulberry Street Pizza. You have to wonder — is it really that good, or is it the only decent pizza in LA?

It’s known that Glendale has some decent ‘za, and this stuff must be good if Stallone is willing to part the sea of paparazzi in order to get a few slices, but we also know the denizens of Beverly Hills are willing to pay a (great) price for stuff the rest of us can get just about anywhere.

(Via Splitsider)