T.J. Miller Brought His Televised Mayhem To Detroit’s Fox 2 News This Morning

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06.25.15 3 Comments

T.J. Miller stopped by Fox 2 News in Detroit this morning with his trademark live morning show chaos, promoting the last stop on his current comedy tour in Royal Oak, Mich. At least the Fox 2 News crew seem to know what they’ve gotten themselves into. To the untrained eye, Miller taking his iPhone from his outside suit jacket pocket and putting it into his inside suit jacket pocket would seem innocuous enough, but anyone who has ever watched a Miller morning show performance knows exactly what will happen with that bottle of water in his hand. If you’re a morning show host interviewing Miller, it’s a safe bet that you won’t get through the interview dry.

Miller also helped out with the weather, which he only agreed to if the forecast was going to be “mostly cloudy.” It’s a safe bet that there were probably a lot of confused and irritated elderly people who turned on Fox 2 News to get the forecast in Detroit this morning.

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