Taiwanese Animators Tackle NBC Ratings

10.27.11 7 years ago 12 Comments

Good ol’ NMA Media — everyone’s favorite slap-dash Taiwanese animation crew — has tackled NBC’s ratings woes (video below). And man, do things get dark in a hurry. As we all know, NBC is in the ratings basement, but apparently “basement” in English translates to “torture dungeon” in Taiwanese or Mandarin. The NBC logo is chained up and stabbed with spears, rescuers representing the Olympics and the Super Bowl get knifed in the back, and a Playboy bunny representing “Playboy Club” gets bloodily decapitated.

NMA has always played fast and loose with its metaphors, but I’m not a fan of this dark turn it’s taken. I liked it better when it had more fun imagery, like Jeff Zucker getting hit by a bus.

[via The A.V. Club]

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