Taiwan’s Getting Really Fast at This

08.11.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

A couple days ago, the Internet anointed a new hero in Steven Slater, the jetBlue flight attendant who flipped out at an unruly passenger, grabbed a couple beers, and popped the escape hatch to freedom and the unemployment line. And NMA — the Taiwanese studio responsible for hilarious animated recreations of everything from Tiger Woods to Al Gore to Sarah Palin to Snooki — has already recreated Slater’s meltdown for YouTube consumption (watch it below).

As bad as Slater’s day might have been, I don’t think his situation can compete with the plight of the flight attendant on my redeye last night. She tried and tried to wake up the old man sitting in front of me, to no avail. BECAUSE HE WAS DEAD. Apparently, with the lights out and everyone sleeping, no one noticed that he’d stopped breathing sometime during the night. She looked like she wanted to slide down the emergency chute at 10,000 feet. The whole situation was pretty upsetting. I mean, we had to wait like 15 extra minutes at the gate before we could get off the plane.

(video via WSJ)

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