‘Take To The Sea!’ And Other Barry Zuckerkorn ‘Arrested Development’ Quotes To Get You Out Of Any Situation

Do you like quoting Arrested Development as much as we do? Sure you do! We’ve given you the Arrested Development quotes you should be using in everyday conversation, and now it’s time to take a more specific look at even more quotes the show has to offer. In honor of Henry Winkler’s 69th birthday, and his addition to the legacy that is Arrested Development, here I present you twenty Barry Zuckerkorn quotes you can use to get you out of any conversation. Now take to the sea!

1. “Those are balls.”

2. “That’s what they said on ask Jeeves.”

3. “You can’t see it, I just winked.”

4. “I’m not ‘super prepared.'”

5. “Nope, you’re looking at balls.”

6. “Wow, I did not get that page.”

7. “Are those balls, the last time we were here, they were balls.”

8. “Wow, you should be the lawyer.” 

9. “I’ve been taking credit for that for years!” 

10. “That’s what we call a law-bomb.”

11. “I think something laid eggs on me.”

12. “They still look fabulous.”

13. “I have a good lawyer.”

14. “You can’t try a husband and wife for the same crime, right?”

15. “I could kiss you on the nuts.”

16. “It would help if you all showed up looking like a loving, supportive family.”

17. “What are you doing, Pilates? Because no 40-year-old woman should look like that.”

18. “It’s like any other day, except that I bill double.”

19. “Just give me a little tap on the fanny.”

20. “Take to the sea!”