Take Your ‘90210’ Day and Shove It

09.02.10 7 years ago 18 Comments

I was pretty clear yesterday about how I think this “9/02/10 Day” is nonsense and a waste of time, but in case anybody missed the memo: TAKE YOUR FOND MEMORIES OF THE NINETIES AND SHOVE THEM DIRECTLY UP YOUR ASS.

Listen, people. “90210” sucked. It sucked at drama as much as “Saved By The Bell” sucked at comedy. The story lines were lame, the acting was only okay, the clothes were an abomination, and the actors playing high school students looked ancient even by Hollwood’s skewed standards. You know what “90210” is? It’s “The O.C.” if “The O.C.” had worse writing, less attractive actors, and went on for ten years instead of four. The only other difference is that you were younger when “90210” was on.

I understand that people remember it fondly, and that’s fine. But you know who else spent half of their lives telling us about their great memories? The Baby Boomers. And everyone hates that assh*le generation.

I enjoy reminiscing about things I like, too, but I’m not about to dedicate an entire day to how I masturbated to Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” video.

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