TNT Wants Fans To Write Stories For The ‘Tales From The Crypt’ Reboot

At first, fans of Tales From the Crypt were worried about the reboot not having a Crypt Keeper. All was fine and dandy when M. Night Shyamalan said that the Crypt Keeper would be there to guide us through the spooky, but things turned a bit sour when it was announced that the new Crypt Keeper might not look like the OG Crypt Keeper we know and love. You can now put down your pitchforks, because if you have an idea for a scary story, your chilling anecdote might be turned into an episode on the reboot of Tales From the Crypt.

According to Rolling Stonethe TNT series will “utilize genre trends and story materials” from Wattpad, an online fan fiction site which boasts 45 million users publishing close to 20 million stories a month. Turner Broadcasting will keep tabs on Wattpad to see what is trending in the world of horror and will even recruit writers from the site to pen material for Tales From the Crypt. Sister network TBS will also use this platform to generate story ideas for current and upcoming programming. It’s surprising that it has taken networks this long to bring in fan fiction writers when these writers are landing book and movie deals.

Think you’re ready to rake in the big bucks as a fancy television writer for a cable series? Well, the dollar figure you have your sights set on might be a lot less than you think. Aron Levitz of Wattpad Studios was very reluctant to discuss a figure for compensation, but he did say to the Wall Street Journal that writers will “take part financially”.

(Via: Rolling Stone/ Wall Street Journal)