We Want To See These Directors Take On The New ‘Tales From The Crypt’

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01.12.16 5 Comments


The period of light and celebration over the pending return of Tales From the Crypt has been somewhat dampened by reports that the Cryptkeeper and the weekly-anthology structure won’t be a part of TNT’s reboot, which will reportedly be Cryptkeeper-free and follow a single story all season. But despite that, we want to believe that the new show will still serve as an outlet for a diverse array of filmmakers. And because of that stubborn belief, we decided to think on which filmmakers might be able to captivate us by continuing Tales From the Crypt‘s legacy. So here now are our picks for the filmmakers we want to see put their unique spin on an episode… should they get the chance.

Edgar Wright

One key staple of the OG Tales From the Crypt that must be represented is the show’s dark sense of humor. That’s something Shaun of the Dead’s director could handle easily. He’s already shown that he can capably pay tribute to the horror genre while telling his own story and it would be fun to see him try it again. — Jason Tabrys

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