Tales From The Crypt Returning To TV

Producer Gill Adler is bringing his cash cow back out to pasture, as he and Eureka co-creator Andrew Cosby are resurrecting Tales From the Crypt for another TV run. Adler produced the HBO series during its original 7-year run of horrific-yet-hilarious short stories. However, this isn’t your creepy goth cousin’s Tales From the Crypt. The new series will scrap the short story format and develop an actual running plot based on characters from the original comic series.

According to Deadline:

“It will be an ongoing series that uses characters from the comic books in a more modern context,” Cosby said. “It’s all about continually elevating the genre, for both existing fans of the source material and mainstream audiences.”

This is a pretty cool idea, especially if Adler and Cosby stick to the cable networks and get HBO or Cinemax to bite on the revival. Because, of course, that means demon boobies, which are one of the coolest kinds of boobies behind regular boobies, big boobies and all boobies. Who said Friday was going to be classy?

After the jump, I’ve included clips from my two favorite Crypt episodes, “What’s Cookin’?” and “Abra Cadaver.”

“What’s Cookin’?”

A failing restaurant allows a drifter to mix up their menu. Of course he starts cooking steaks made from people, because it’s affordable and delicious.

“Abra Cadaver”

Sorry about the 9-minute clip, but someone seriously just needs to upload the final line. “My body may be dead, but my brain, it’s… ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!”