Witness M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Tales From The Crypt’ Vision With These Freaky Promos

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Hexcellent news, creeps. M. Night Shyamalan’s Tales From The Crypt vision has bubbled up in promo form for us boils and ghouls to gawk at. Whether or not that means the seemingly stalled project is actually alive is a whole other story.

Merchant Ivory fanatics Bloody Disgusting have come across a pair of promotional videos (they’re back-to-back in the rectangle nestled above) for the planned TNT update on the horror/horror-comedy anthology series. One clip is a straight-up horror scene complete with blood and a sacrificial custodial engineer lamb to tease the Shyamalan era of Cryptwork, while the other is a sit-down featurette touching more on what the Split filmmaker has in mind from a philosophy standpoint. “Dark Walt Disney” talk, ahoy!

Tales from the Crypt was always kind of a forbidden fruit of my childhood. It was edgy. I think it was ahead of its time,” explains Shyamalan. “This dark, ironic tone is probably the thing that draws me to this source material and really where I am as a storyteller.What if we did an evening of television, the gateway to all the best genre TV. You can do drama, humor, a reality show for half an hour, a ten-minute short. You’re going to sit with us the whole evening, a destination for the highest level of storytelling. The Cryptkeeper is definitely going to be a part of the evening. Someone that draws us in, like the dark Walt Disney. This is like candy for me.”

We’re sold. The problem is nothing about these clips appear to confirm any movement on the exhumed series. In December, it was reported that rights headaches had stopped the project in its tracks. Here’s hoping those get sorted out relatively soon because this early peek-n-chat really feels like something special. If not, Blumhouse could probably get a Bordello of Blood reboot up and running in 6 months.

(Via Bloody Disgusting & /Film)

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