While Tampa Is Flooding, This Dude Is Just Out Catching Fish In The Streets

Evacuations and even rescue operations are currently underway in Tampa and St. Petersburg, as torrential rain has flooded parts of the region. As you can see in this simple news report from Tampa’s WFTS ABC Action News, the flooding is no joke and traffic is a nightmare, with people walking around in water that hits their knees in some parts of the street. Why people are out there driving around in this situation is unknown, but it is Florida, so it’s safe to assume that some hilarious crimes are involved.

Normally, the strangest part of this news report would be the family that is taking a leisurely float down the Hillsborough Ave. lazy river in what is either an inflatable pool or an air mattress, but again… Florida. However, it’s nice to see that some people are really making the best of a soggy situation, as one tank top bro is out there showing off the skills that Leslie Knope once picked up from Ron Swanson. Yup, dude is just grabbing fish from the sidewalk and showing them off to friends. Laugh now, but that guy is gonna eat like a king tonight.