TBS Has Cancelled ‘The Pete Holmes Show’

Sad news today, friends. TBS has announced it won’t renew The Pete Holmes Show after it finishes this cycle on June 18th (as stated in Holmes’ FB statement). This is the man who brought us Ex-Men, Fake Batman, Sherlock Holmes sucking at deduction, and hilarious interviews with celebrities and friends. From The Hollywood Reporter:

TBS’ late-night talker The Pete Holmes Show will not be back for a third cycle, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The midnight show starring comedian Pete Holmes will end its run June 19 after more than 70 episodes. TBS launched the series with a seven-week run in 2013 and renewed the four-night-a-week series for a second season of 13 weeks in January.

And here is the expected statement by the studio about how he is so great, but blah blah NUMBERS blah blah.

“We recognize Pete as one of the most relevant comedians working today,” TBS said in a statement. “We loved the show and gave it two chances. We just couldn’t draw the audience needed to justify a third round. We hope we’ll get to work with him again.”

That sounds like the corporate equivalent of getting dumped but still wanting to be friends. Holmes took to his Facebook page to address this whole thing in a humbling and fantastic way.

Dear friends,

Sadly, The Pete Holmes Show has not been renewed for more episodes. I know! Frowny face emoticon!
I just want to let everyone know that while the news isn’t what I was hoping for, my main takeaway from this entire wonderful experience is extreme gratitude.

We got to make eighty (eight-zero! Sometimes filming as many as 19 in ten days!) episodes and I am extremely proud of each and every one of them. I talked to and worked with my heroes. I met incredible athletes and filmmakers. I shook hands regularly with a puppet. I got to work everyday in a magical chocolate factory of joy side by side with some of my best friends laughing and being silly all day. And then I got to share it with our fans. It was an absolute dream come true. (Via)

You can read the rest of his letter to fans here. There’s no denying Pete Holmes is one of the funniest, nicest, and best comedians and personalities working in the business. He’ll certainly land on his feet.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)