Robert Downey Jr. Trashes Chris Evans And Invades ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ With #TeamIronMan

Much like Monday’s episode featuring Chris Evans leading out #TeamCap to promote Captain America: Civil War, tonight saw Iron Man himself lead his side of the struggle to the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage. Robert Downey Jr. was in top form for his appearance, bringing more talk about how much fun he has being the face of Marvel, playing Iron Man for a few minutes on screen and then getting massages for the rest of the picture.

He also takes some time to trash Chris Evans and talk about how he’s all nervous before the premiere of Civil War, not as tough and manly as Captain America, and some junk about how he gave him his job or something. We’re paraphrasing and condensing there, but you know how it goes. Actually Downey Jr. says he loves Evans and loves Captain America, but he likely just wishes he’d go with the flow a bit more. “Man up,” as he puts it.

There’s also so some Spider-Man talk, which he mentioned is a pretty cool deal. He doesn’t say he has a contract to appear in the film yet, but hopefully he’s one of the folks. He certainly seems to be taking that fatherly role from the looks of Civil War.

Once the whole crew comes out, we get a little trivia segment that mirrors the one from the #TeamCap episode, but there’s also some talk about Civil War. The shining gem of the entire segment — at least for me — is Robert Downey Jr’s mention of Rodney Dangerfield. He jokes about the late comedian being his mentor and then tells a funny story from the set of Back To School, which probably isn’t true, but who doesn’t want to hear about Back To School. It’s a fine film.

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